Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pump Room Entry Checklists

  • Has the area been thoroughly ventilated and arrangements been made for the space to be continuously ventilated throughout the period of occupation and during work breaks?                         
  • Is there adequate illumination provided ?                                    
  • Has a RA/JHA carried out and any risk mitigating measures derived from it implemented?                            
  • Has the fixed / Portable gas detection system been in use?  
  • Has prior to entry atmosphere tests?                                                         
          Example Readings:       Oxygen                              20.9 %vol (21%)                                        
                                          Hydrocarbon                       0 % LFL (Less than 1%)     
                                          Toxic Gases                        0 ppm (specify gas & PEL)

  • Is rescue and resuscitation equipment available for immediate use by the entrance to the space?          
  • Has the Officer of the Watch (bridge, engine room, cargo control room) been advised of the planned entry?                                                                        
  • Has a system of communication between the person at the entrance and those entering the space been agreed and tested?                                                                 
  • Are emergency and evacuation procedures established and understood?                                                          
  • Is there a system for recording who is in the space? 

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