Saturday, 2 August 2014

SANO - A story of a seafarer from Bohol

"SANO" - A story of a seafarer from Bohol.

Born in a very far away hills. Studied in elementary school by walking of more than 6 kilometers each day to the next barangay. Scared of cars, trucks and buses because it was seldom to see these vehicles before. Don't even know how to ride a bicycle. Ignorant and bullied with schoolmates when in high school. Bullying words "Taga bukid" which they meant poor and ignorant. Because the home was very far and it takes almost 2 hours of walking. There were no means of transportation even a motorcycle before. No electricity, using only a gas lamp called "Lamparilya". Graduated in college with many carabaos sold by parents just to supply the needs. There it comes, the opportunity to board an Oil/Chemical tanker as a deck cadet. Never made any complaint about the hard job. Working very hard in the same way with other colleagues without complaining. It does not matter if receives less salary than the others. Just imagine during discharging, pushing the liquid cargo inside a dark tank with a cargo temperature of more than 60 degrees Celsius. When going out of the tank the outside temperature will be less than 10 degrees Celsius. Shared with bosun and pump man that might give up and can't complete the contract. But bosun and pump man gave advice and encouragement. "Never give up". Luckily, when reached until 12 months on board, became an Able-bodied seaman. Remains on board a total of more than 24 months. Sometimes sweat, tears and runny nose met together during those days. But survived all those hardships because of strong determination, courage, patience, prayers, plans and ambitions for the family and girlfriend. (A girlfriend before and a wife now). There were times very tired, but "never said that can't do the tasks given". There have been times deep within already complaining and colleagues never knew it. When became a deck rating, at first never been complaining to the colleagues or superiors. But then, realized that sometimes need to complain if necessary. Two of fellow able-bodied seamen were veterans so they knew more about any job. But these two were unfair. They will not help most the tasks during cargo operations. One day, during cargo operation, taking the cargo level every hour, making soundings of ballast tanks and making rounds on main deck checking leaks. Two colleagues were talking and laughing at the manifold. Brought a bucket of tools and thrown over near of them as a joke. But it was the sign of complaint. At that time, if one of them reacted, maybe got in trouble and dreams might be disappeared. None of the officers and other crew knew what had happened. Later on, realized that by doing so, it was not good. But from that time on, fellow colleagues realized that it must be fair to all, if keep helping each other. Some of the knowledges learned came from them. The hardships urged to study and continue to learn. When became an officer, never compared own self to any of the seafarer on how to work hard when still in a deck rating position. Thankful to all masters, officers and crew on every ship that has been boarded. Some of the previous colleagues are now officers and master mariners. Surely they will forget the real name, but they might still remember the nickname for Boholano seafarers known as " SANO ". A friendly advice to every seafarer to have a very broad patience as far as they can. It's very nice to enjoy the job without complaining. Everyone has the right to complain. But, it must be in a right time, in a right way and not to offend other seafarers due to self interests. All must take part to help improve self discipline and knowledge. For the health and safety to everyone, to the ship and to the environment. There will be a God's reward for those hard working seafarers. Keep on learning and sharing knowledge that is freely learned from others or even knowledge of your own. Everyone shall take the prayer, patience, courage, determination and respect to others anywhere at anytime for the love of family and children. "Elums"

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