Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Chief Officer's Basic Tools

A Lazy Seafarer

It is obvious to seafarer if he is a lazy. Always complaining to any works to be done. If he is done with a particular job, he will always making sounds like he is very tired. He will pretend that he is obeying his superiors but he always making nonsense story. A lazy seafarer will always compare his superiors or colleagues to somebody he think he is best. Sometimes he will taking advantage with his colleagues. He will start a job together with his colleague and then he will find a way he could scape from his job. I've have heard something rumors but I will believe if it is true until proven by myself. One day, I give a simple job order. He prepare tools for it but he left and do another job which I told him to be done after the other. A lazy seafarer always find a reasons if he don't like. But if he likes he always find ways to be done with the help of others. If he found somebody to help him. He will let his colleague to finish the job which is intended for him. Imagine how a lazy seafarer will act for his own without thinking of the others. A lazy seafarer might be called a selfish too.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Seafarer And A Water Lily

A seafarer is working on board a ship which is floating on the water.
While water lily is a plant floating on the water.
If a water lily will be lifted up and put in a dry place. In few days, a water lily needs to be on the water again in order to be alive. If a seafarer is out of the water and going to their home sweet home for vacation. Only few months, a seafarer needs to be on board in order to support the daily living. If a seafarer or family has no other means of income is just like a water lily. When both a seafarer and a water lily are out of the water they will be in distress. A seafarer will still striving to survive by any other means. A water lily needs water. But a seafarer needs water and more.

Being a seafarer is not easy. Being far from family is the greatest sacrifice of a seafarer just to support the daily needs. Seafaring profession is worth loving for. I just hope I will be at home with my family at younger age if possible. I feel pity on my fellow seafarers who are older than me when giving job orders to them, but nothing I can do than to give orders.