Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Seafarer And A Water Lily

A seafarer is working on board a ship which is floating on the water.
While water lily is a plant floating on the water.
If a water lily will be lifted up and put in a dry place. In few days, a water lily needs to be on the water again in order to be alive. If a seafarer is out of the water and going to their home sweet home for vacation. Only few months, a seafarer needs to be on board in order to support the daily living. If a seafarer or family has no other means of income is just like a water lily. When both a seafarer and a water lily are out of the water they will be in distress. A seafarer will still striving to survive by any other means. A water lily needs water. But a seafarer needs water and more.

Being a seafarer is not easy. Being far from family is the greatest sacrifice of a seafarer just to support the daily needs. Seafaring profession is worth loving for. I just hope I will be at home with my family at younger age if possible. I feel pity on my fellow seafarers who are older than me when giving job orders to them, but nothing I can do than to give orders.

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