Friday, 31 October 2014

Making A Better Community Starts In An Individual

Basic and quality education are very important. My wife is a public school teacher and I really feel how hard her job. Even at home she has to work for the school. Sometimes we made arguments about extensions of her job at home. She said even if without extra payments she must do it for the sake of her students. Sometimes she told me that some of her students has financial problems. Some will go to school without food to eat. I may suggest to give additional wages to government employees especially to teachers. On the other hand, we have decided to promote our advocacy to share a little part of our blessings every year. We will be giving away basic needs to some of our neighbors who are less fortunate depending of our budget. I am a seafarer and presently a Chief Officer of a tanker from the year 2012 but when I will be on vacation we don't have additional income. I can also figure out some seafarers who are not officers struggled with financial problems due to the government offices for seafarers and OFWs are far away and it takes more money to be spent. I also wish to extend branches of MARINA, DFA, PRC, POEA, NTC and Maritime Training Center in Bohol or other provinces. For the reason that when a seafarer will be on vacation he can still have more time to be spent in the family. Most of the trainings and documents will be taken in Manila or other places. I believe that seafarers or OFWs contributed a great help to the country. I wish my fellow seafarers to have more time of vacation to their families. I think one solution will be the extension of government offices for the needs of seafarers or OFWs. I am from Bohol and this is really one of the needs as a seafarer or OFW. Our family supports the people of Bohol who were affected with the earthquake. Together we stand Bohol.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Best Android Apps For Oil Tanker Seafarers

Abandonship Contingency Plan

The Master has already ordered to Abandon ship due to a casualty, which results to the loss of ship.

Actions to be taken:

1. Ensure that latest position of the vessel is known to the company - Master
2. Broadcast DISTRESS ALERT and MESSAGE on the authority of the master - GMDSS officer
3. Instruct crew to wear life-jackets and adequate/warm clothing - As per Muster list
4. Instruct crew to take extra food, water and blankets if possible - As per Muster list
5. Order crew to lifeboat stations/muster station - As per Muster list
6. Prepare to launch lifeboats/liferafts - As per Muster list
7. Consider to instruct crew to wear immersion suits - Master
8. Ensure that lifeboat sea painters are attached to the ship (where applicable) - As per Muster list
9. Activate two-way emergency radio telephone apparatus/test apparatus - As per Muster list
10. Embark all crew in the lifeboats/liferafts and launch - As per Muster list
11. Ensure lifeboats/liferafts remain in safe proximity to ship/in contact with each
other - As per Muster list
12. Commence survival procedures (including activation of relevant aids, such as
SARTS, pyrotechnics, radar reflectors, etc.) - Leader
13. Emergency lighting for mustering and abandonment shall be tested (SOLAS
chapter III/reg. - C/E
14. Stop the VDR/S-VDR - Master
15. Retrieve and save data - Master

Ensure that officers and crew are well trained on abandon ship drill procedures as per SOLAS chapter III/reg.

* Distress alert and the frequencies to be used can be found in Bridge Procedure Guide (Annex A6/Part A) available on board.

Master - Chief Officer
Chief Officer - 2nd Officer
2nd Officer - 3rd Officer
Chief Engineer - 2nd Engineer
2nd Engineer - 3rd Engineer
3rd Engineer - 4th Enginner

Monday, 27 October 2014

Seafarer's Family Advocacy

Share Our Blessings

We want to extend every year what we have started to share a part of our blessings to our less fortunate neighbors. We are encouraging persons who are willing to share their blessings too. Thank you for your help.

H2S Hydrogen Sulfide

Hazards of Petroleum. Reference: ISGOTT Fifth Edition

What is the meaning of ISGOTT?

STS Transfer Checklists


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hours of Work And Hours of Rest for Seafarers

Maximum work or minimum rest hours on board. Please visit the official ILO website for more details.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Shipboard Organization Chart

5 Tips For Seafarers On Board

1. Pray before and after work.
2. Don't forget to turn on your alarm clock before sleep.
3. Work on time and enjoy your job.
4. Respect your colleagues and superiors.
5. Think and work safely.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Sad And A Happy Seafarer

Sad because;
- Far from family
- Always longing to be with the family
- Missing in many occasions
- During vacation the money earned on board will be easily consumed if not being spent wisely. (A Seafarer And A Water Lily)

Happy because;
- Can own houses & lots
- Can own vehicles
- Can own many gadgets
- Can give many things to the family which never had before
- Can support daily needs

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Strongest Earthquake In Bohol

On October 15, 2013 the 7.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Bohol. My wife and our 2 sons were sleeping outside our house for how many weeks. I was on board a ship on that time. I could not sleep well while thinking of the safety of my family. I could not discribe my feelings towards my family at home during that moments. Seafarer's Place family supports Bohol after 7.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Bohol last year. #TogetherWeStandBohol #BangonBohol

Thursday, 2 October 2014

How to go to Bohol?

Bohol is a unique place that once you visit, you will keep on coming back. Explore the different places in Bohol that fits your moods, styles and wants. There are many ways on how to visit Bohol by sea or by air. For more information you can visit this site. How to go Bohol?