Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Abandonship Contingency Plan

The Master has already ordered to Abandon ship due to a casualty, which results to the loss of ship.

Actions to be taken:

1. Ensure that latest position of the vessel is known to the company - Master
2. Broadcast DISTRESS ALERT and MESSAGE on the authority of the master - GMDSS officer
3. Instruct crew to wear life-jackets and adequate/warm clothing - As per Muster list
4. Instruct crew to take extra food, water and blankets if possible - As per Muster list
5. Order crew to lifeboat stations/muster station - As per Muster list
6. Prepare to launch lifeboats/liferafts - As per Muster list
7. Consider to instruct crew to wear immersion suits - Master
8. Ensure that lifeboat sea painters are attached to the ship (where applicable) - As per Muster list
9. Activate two-way emergency radio telephone apparatus/test apparatus - As per Muster list
10. Embark all crew in the lifeboats/liferafts and launch - As per Muster list
11. Ensure lifeboats/liferafts remain in safe proximity to ship/in contact with each
other - As per Muster list
12. Commence survival procedures (including activation of relevant aids, such as
SARTS, pyrotechnics, radar reflectors, etc.) - Leader
13. Emergency lighting for mustering and abandonment shall be tested (SOLAS
chapter III/reg. - C/E
14. Stop the VDR/S-VDR - Master
15. Retrieve and save data - Master

Ensure that officers and crew are well trained on abandon ship drill procedures as per SOLAS chapter III/reg.

* Distress alert and the frequencies to be used can be found in Bridge Procedure Guide (Annex A6/Part A) available on board.

Master - Chief Officer
Chief Officer - 2nd Officer
2nd Officer - 3rd Officer
Chief Engineer - 2nd Engineer
2nd Engineer - 3rd Engineer
3rd Engineer - 4th Enginner

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