Sunday, 2 November 2014

Chief Officer’s Hand-over Report

We hereby declare that on the date, time and port, the signing-off chief officer delivered his duties to the signing-on chief officer. An inspection of the ship has been carried out and next voyage instructions have been clearly understood.
During this hand-over the following items were delivered in the order specified below:
  1. Cargo discharge/loading plan agreed between ship and shore or other ship.
  2. Fire and pollution control equipment information.
  3. Next voyage and instructions on board.
  4. Cargo/ballast handling and monitoring equipment information.
  5. Cargo/ballast measuring tools condition.
  6. Gas measuring equipment condition.
  7. Status of FFE & LSA/Medicines/Medical equipment/Safety officer’s records.
  8. Ship’s stores and fresh water.
  9. Bridge communication/navigation equipment.
  10. Inventories (quantities/condition).
  11. Company’s Quality/Health/Safety/Environmental management system information.
  12. Crew changes.
Note: This is only the basic information for Chief Officer’s Hand-over Report. The actual hand-over form will be more detailed.

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