Sunday, 2 November 2014

Master’s Hand-over Report

We hereby declare that on date, time and port, the signing-off Master delivered command of the vessel, together with all certificates, to the signing-on master. An inspection of the ship has been carried out and relevant entries made in the ship’s logbook.

During this hand-over the following items were delivered in the order as specified below.

1. Does the vessel have any major defects?

2. Do all main engine functions operate correctly?

3. Does steering gear and associated equipment function correctly?
4. Does navigation equipment function properly?

5. Does radio equipment function properly?

6. Catering, provisions and feeding rate information

7. Crew Status

8. Class Status

9. Chartroom management and QHSE management system 

10. Financial Data

11. Vessel operations information

12. Cargo operation information

13. Pollution preparedness

14. Pipe lines conditions

15. Mooring equipment, mooring ropes and wires conditions

16. FFE and LSA conditions

17. Cargo equipments including Cargo hoses and fenders

18. Deck tools

19. Health and safety

20. Management meetings on board

21. Other/Miscellaneous

22. Medicines on board

23. Fuel oil/Diesel oil/Water

24. ISPS implementation

25. Operation’s Department related publications

Note: This is only the basic information for Master’s Hand-over Report. The actual hand-over form will be more detailed.

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