Thursday, 21 May 2015

Enclosed Space Entry

Precautions to be taken when entering enclosed spaces, including correct use of different types of breathing apparatus.

Before allowing access to the space, the Responsible Officer should ensure that:

1. Appropriate atmosphere checks have been carried out.
2. Piping, inert gas and ventilation systems have been isolated.
3. Effective ventilation will be maintained continuously while the enclosed space is occupied.
4. Fixed lighting, such as air-turbo lights, are ready for extended entry periods.
5. Approved self-contained, positive pressure breathing apparatus and resuscitation equipment is ready for use at the entrance to the space.
6. A rescue harness, complete with lifeline, is ready for immediate use at the entrance to the space.
7. A fully charged approved safety torch is ready for immediate use at the entrance to the space.
8. A responsible member of the crew is in constant attendance outside the enclosed space, in the immediate vicinity of the entrance and in direct contact with the Responsible Officer.
9. All persons involved in the operation should be trained in the actions to be taken in the event of an emergency.
10. Lines of communications have been clearly established and are understood by all concerned.
11. Names and times of entry will be recorded and monitored by personnel outside the space.
12. The personnel undertaking the task should ensure that such safeguards are put into effect prior to entering the space.
13. Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) This consists of a portable supply of compressed air contained in a cylinder or cylinders attached to a carrying frame and harness worn by the user. Air is provided to the user through a face mask, which can be adjusted to give an airtight fit. A pressure gauge indicates the pressure in the cylinder and an audible alarm sounds when the supply is running low. Only positive pressure type sets are recommended for use in enclosed spaces because, as their name implies, these maintain a positive pressure within the face mask at all times.
14. Airline breathing apparatus enables compressed air equipment to be used for longer periods than would be possible using self-contained equipment.

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