Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Day of Seafarers

A seafarer's hardships are always been carried on board.
A seafarer is away from home and family.
A seafarer has always been at risks due to hazards, weather, nature of job, difficult cargo operations and unforeseen circumstances.
A seafarer must have patience, knowledge, trust, faith, hope, courage, respect and love.
A seafarer on vacation is never been completely happy. The times are divided between trainings and family.
You shall never underestimate a seafarer. Every individual has a unique purpose in life.

Celebrate the Day of Seafarers.

Good luck to all seafarers.

Have a safe navigation and safe work on board.

Safety First!

Please share your stories or moments on board in comments below.

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  1. This is true! Those statements are what my uncle experience and told me. I want to be a seafarer, although its hard, you need to sacrifice but this for the future and family. That's the reason why I choose a maritime course at, a school for Maritime.